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Baccara bangkok

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The music is good and the only complaint that I really have is getting the dancers downstairs to learn how to dance. I saw this happen The tourist said i buy inside.

I am look men

There are 8 dancers on stage when I entered and took a seat by the dance floor. The Rio Club has baccara steady stream of dancers standing out front and the Cockatoo Bar Is a ladyboy bar which has the novelty factor. Baccara Bar oozes charisma, which makes it the one venue in Bangkok's exciting gogo scene. I did nothing, only had 3 bottled of beers and accompanied by a girl for less than an hour.

But the way the girls are packed on the central stage is a bit disturbing, they barely have enough space to move and kind of stand there, waiting for something lucky to happen. They have a large squarish dance floor in the middle which could hold around 20 dancers comfortably. If you are still planning your trip, please consider visiting our sponsors for great deals on flightshotelsinsuranceexcursions and more which won't cost you anything but does help us make RedEyeThai even better.

Please do not enter this club as they con your money. They are not honest at all!

Baccara has a large outside bar area which is a good place to sit especially if you want to watch all the action at the bars opposite. Finally, if you think we're missing something or you have a useful nugget of information that could help our readers please don't hesitate in letting us know. If u bangok no i buy inside? The dancers in front of me look younger than the ones upstairs and really are just going through the motions.

Apart from that … Nice place!

Other best go go bars in bangkok

Now to the dancers on the top floor around 10 who are wearing small mini skirts with nothing else underneath so I don't see any reason to go upstairs as you would be missing out on a great view bangmok the cleanest glass. There are 8 dancers on stage when I entered and took a seat by the dance floor.

Head out to the outdoor patio to observe the scene across the street. After the night hits, Soi Cowboy overflows with dozens of go-go dancers, filling the bars and getting ready for their shows. Please be aware of these scams and enter at own risk. All the girls are pretty and they worth every penny you pay. Yeah I cant get away from that bangokk I noticed the customers coming down from the top floor are mainly Western.

Baccara - avoid. - soi cowboy

I do think its worth spending a few hours here as the dancers upstairs do put on bangkkok good show. Baccara is a favourite place for Japanese guests and this always le to higher prices. He makes certain ppl buy a drink before you can even enter. He summons over the security, they same same. Do yourself a favor and also take a look at Cowboy 2. They charged me 10, baht.

Situated at the end of Soi Cowboy, bangkko venue is the ultimate spot for the wildest night out. I don't really care as all the action is upstairs. Then the security said "fkcu off falang go now".

Baccara, soi cowboy, bangkok

Rude pushy staff. Enjoy the electrifying ambience as you choose your favorite go-go girl to accompany you at the bar.

All the mirrors and glass are spotless the seats are very comfortable. Entering Baccara Go- Go Bar which is a large bar over 3 levels. After a few songs the dancers took their tops off for around 3 songs.

Relax downstairs and dive into the plush couches surrounding the central stage, and peep upstairs through the glass ceiling at the go-go girls dressed up in tiny schoolgirl skirts, shaking it to the beat of the music. RedEyeThai Nightlife Reviews.

Feeling like a bit of fresh air? The room upstairs is 'hotter' and more interesting, but is also the smoking area.

Baccara is the best. rio suck! - soi cowboy

Gangkok and stylish setting for an eclectic night out: This fascinating spot is super edgy, with a spotless transparent dancefloor, lit up neon lights, stunning couch areas and metallic disco balls to set the mood. They do seem a bit inexperienced. A Tiger Beer cost Baht prices can change anywhere at a drop of a hat making it a more expensive night out at Soi Cowboy Bangkok.

Is it because Japanese traveller don't excel at the art of bargaining or are they less fussy about the price?

That's inside. Entering Baccara Go-Go Bar which is a large bar over 3 levels.

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Unfortunately because of its popularity, the place gets packed early and bagkok probably won't get any company, and sometimes not even a seat. Therefore at the Baccara Go- Go Bar they appear to cater for everyone, which is one reason this place gets so busy.

Outside you have to get past the agressive western owner? Review of Soi Cowboy Reviewed 16 July via mobile Baccara is strict when it comes to a drink per person and you have to continuously order drinks while inside the club.

Baccara review - what to expect

Highlights Three floors of fun and raunchy dancing: Featuring two gigantic stories, Baccara is constantly packed with customers, dressed up go-go girls and busy bartenders. The Rio Club has a steady stream of dancers standing out front and the Cockatoo Bar Is a ladyboy bar which has the novelty factor. Our friendly, intimate space has long been regarded as Soi Cowboy's very special club. They do like to give a smile to whoever is watching from below.

You notice straight away that here at Baccara it is clean!