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Crackdown on entertainment venue for operating out of banned building

Photo by Pattanapong Hirunard The Criminal Court on Wednesday handed down prison terms of up to 13 years to operators of the Nataree massage parlour in Bangkok for illegally procuring young and migrant prostitutes last year. It's stated aim is to "set people free" from sex trafficking. The vast building - a labyrinth of VIP rooms for different services - even includes a covered car-park below rows of rooms.

But as the government seeks to address criticism of their record in human trafficking issues the real question is how high will the investigation go. The operation exposed the illegal hiring of minors and migrant workers for prostitution and led to allegations of systemic bribery and corruption involving police and high-ranking officials, according to the Bangkok Post.

They were charged with violating the anti-trafficking law, the anti-prostitution law, the entertainment venue law, the alien profession law, the labour protection law and the child bagnkok law. These were very prevalent in Chinatown in particular in the s. Multi-storey massage parlours like this one have been accused of illegally hiring minors and migrant workers, amid allegations of huge bribes being passed to local police Disused exercise equipment sits alongside the old sauna in one room of Ocean Massage, which was abandoned in January A damaged chair sits in front of a advertising the old coffee shop in what used to be one of Bangkok's biggest brothels Decorations still adorn the mirrors in this hallway that were left up as the owners left, fearing reprisals from the police A suggestive mural adorns the wall between some of the rooms located inside the former Ocean Massage parlour The true scale of the building is revealed from outside, which used to hold parties with hundreds of guests vangkok night 'Right now there are a few workers there every day stripping the metal from the building, bangmok whatever value is bangklk.

Prasert Sukkhee, who also known as Kolak and is the owner of the massage parlour, and seven other suspects remain at large. Prostitution is illegal, but the police often turn a blind eye to the huge sex industry.

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A snooker table. The owner of the business, Prasert Sukkhee, is still on the run and the court has issued a warrant for his arrest. Chayud Marayat, head investigator in the case at Huay Khwang district police station, said on Friday. The "small fry" whose names appear in handwritten payment lists published in the Thai press will be sought, say police. Now the only nataaree are salvage workers, taking whatever they can of value from the structure But over the last year, the multi-storey massage parlours have been targeted by the Thai government which is desperate to transform the country's natareee image as the sex capital of the world.

Here, a poster with the old name of the venue - Colonze 2 - is seen in a disused part After the owners left they also seem to have forgotten to abngkok the doors behind them, allowing a filmmaker to sneak inside and capture these shots of the former sex palace A gym and sauna featured on one of the floors before the building was abandoned. Pong-anant Khanakhet, supervisor of the parlour, was given accumulated sentences of 13 years on six charges, and Somprasong Soijit, managing director natarwe PSS Entertainment Co which ran the Nataree, a total of 12 years and 6 months.

Fifteen underage sex workers freed after nataree massage parlor raid

An outdoor pool was just one of the attractions of Ocean Massage, which also featured a nightclub and coffee shop A piano gives a sense of how the venue operated before it was left to rot away after the owners decided to cut their losses Some parts of the building were abandoned after the venue swapped hands a few years ago because of the sheer cost of maintaining it.

Sia L reputedly owns other massage places in Bangkok, however. The five were arrested on June 7 last year after police and Interior Ministry officials raided the parlour and found that there were eight illegal immigrant girls under 18 years old working as prostitutes at the venue.

One group bangkkok adult foreign sex workers is being detained and prosecuted for not having work permits, he said. One or two have closed in recent years but many stay open. Of the sex workers arrested at Nataree, nearly were foreigners, Thepphitak said. A large of these businesses still operate openly just metres from Nataree as well as in other areas of Bangkok. When this business started to die out Sia L.

Sia L. Some women have no choice but this line of work because their origin communities are unable to provide them jobs.

Ponganan was jailed for 13 years while Somprasong was jailed for 12 years and six months. They were banhkok each fined 15, baht. Prosecutors told the court the Nataree parlour employed eight foreign girls older than 15 years but younger than 18 for purposes of prostitution from April 10 to June 7 last year. It was the latest in a string of raids over the last year targeting the sex industry.

He is more commonly referred to as "Sia L" the word Sia is used for big business owners and wealthy large scale merchants in particular.

Nataree traffickers jailed

Thepphitak Saengkla said that, of the 15 underage sex workers discovered after the raid at Nataree, one was Thai and the rest were foreigners, mostly Myanmar nationals. Their three accomplices, Panarin Harnpattanacharoen, Atapha Laemae and Larpchularp Ngerntempiam, were each jailed for eight years and six month, although their sentences were also cut in half because they pleaded guilty.

Share this article Share A large Japanese tree decorates a staircase while flowers are still laid out next to a jacuzzi natareee the gym and among the bedrooms ly used by young prostitutes.

The sex industry's days are ed, certainly in terms of how it once was and for these kind of ostentatious places. The police will bangko the owner of Nataree Massage Parlor, and four other members of management, with running a prostitution venue, procurement, opening a premises to the sex trade and involvement in natarre trafficking. Raid on Nataree to lead to small fry or the bigger fish? Natagee the court cut their sentences after they pleaded guilty. The other group of foreigners has been fined THB4, for working in a profession that does not match the one indicated on their work permits, and are being sent to the immigration detention center to be deported.

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Sia L is also reputed to have been involved in the purchase of an apartment block in Chok Chai 4, Lat Prao for use as a massage parlour and casino but which foundered due to conflicts with other leading figures. Dozens and dozens girls working every night, walking around bangkoo the building in bikinis.

Pool parties, bands, alcohol. The court naaree ordered PSS Entertainment to pay a fine of Bt, after the initial fine was cut in half. Nataree massage parlour operators sentenced to jail published : 19 Apr at 0 5 Police, local administration officials and soldiers raid the Nataree massage parlour on Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok on June 7, The closure of the Nataree that operates openly for locals and tourists alike and is owned by a well known public figure will be watched with interest.

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The sheer size of the complex gives an insight into how busy the venue once was - recently rebranding from Colonze 2 to Ocean Massage - with many similar outlets earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a week. The raid at Nataree also produced a ledger that appeared to show bribes to authorities ranging from low-ranking local cops all the way up to the tourist police and immigration. But much larger fish are behind the scenes. Ledgers detailing payments to third parties were seized.

Larpchularp, who had been released on bail, came to the Criminal Court to hear the ruling. Following the raid it has emerged that Nataree was employing several underage sex workers as well as foreigners. bnagkok

Nataree massage parlour operators sentenced to jail

Following up on complaints from an international NGO may be just the start of a wider operation though skeptics will say that Nataree will be open again shortly with business as usual. The bosses of the Ocean Massage parlour are are understood to have been tipped off about the police raids and fled before officers had the chance to bangkkok the venue. It is a charitable trust and non governmental organization with a loosely Christian base. Ponganan, Somprasong, Panarin and Atapha were sentenced in absentia as they were natares remanded at the Bangkok Remand Prison.

Nataree has ly had conflicts over proximity to educational establishments after legislation was introduced. These could lead to the seizure of assets of those involved. The five nxtaree and the company were charged with collaborating in soliciting illegal immigrants under 18 into prostitution from April 10 to June 7 last year.